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خدمات الطلاب في الخارج

كل رحلة تعليمية مصحوبة بتقديم دعم وتوجيه مستمر - وهذه هي المعايير التي تميز أكاديمية الخبراء

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برنامج الالتحاق بالجامعات

نقدم الخدمات التالية للأفراد أو المجموعات أو مقدمي المنح الدراسية:

.الخدمات الاستشارية المتصلة بالتعليم

دعم قبول اللغة الإنجليزية ودرجة البكالوريوس والماجستير والدكتوراه

إكمال خدمات المعلومات وتسجيل الوصول في البلد المقصود

الخدمات الكاملة لإصدار وتمديد تأشيرات الطلاب

المساعدة المالية للطلاب مع الرعاة المعنيين

وفير التأمين الصحي

الرعاية الرعوية الكاملة


رحلة الطالب الكاملة

:لدينا خبراء للمساعدة طوال رحلة الطالب بأكملها بما في ذلك


استلام وتصفية الطلبات


خدمة رعاية الطلاب

تجهيز وإصدار التأشيرات

برنامج ما قبل المغادرة


الإلتحاق في الجامعة

برنامج مابعر المغادرة

 برامج ثقافيه في البلد الخارج 

دورات اللغة الإنجليزية والاجتماعية

خدمة بعد الوصول


Selection Process

The selection process for students is focused on quality and satisfactory study completion. Students are chosen after a thorough assessment of their knowledge, skills, and motivation. Throughout the entire process, we have specialists involved to assure the best selection and lower the program drop-out rate.

The selection procedure comprises a presentation of the CV and an interview with the candidate during which the merits of the candidate are considered. The selection committee assesses the validity of the student degrees, if any, prior to the interview. In addition, there will be a pre-selection step during which some candidates may be filtered out depending on the paperwork submitted and the procedure's entire performance.

The candidate may be tested by an external language service firm for either IELTS or TOEFL, depending on the program criteria, to determine their English language level.

pre depart.png

Pre-Departure Program

Pre-Departure Orientation is a crucial step in ensuring a successful Study Abroad Program experience. It allows students to gain a better understanding of many aspects of future life. The student receives information about their study designations, living in the city, and any expectations they may have. Travel, logistics, health and safety issues, hotels and meals, norms of conduct, travel insurance, and other topics are also essential to them. Students can also ask questions and get answers to any concerns they may have regarding their future in a foreign country.

post depart.png

Post-Departure Program

When the student boards the plane, our communication with them does not end; rather, it begins all over again. Our professionals are ready 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to ensure that the students do not face any difficulties. Many of our specialists have traveled to these countries and will assist students in selecting the best airport transportation alternatives, money exchange outlets, medical facilities, and so on. We constantly welcome parents who have questions regarding their children.

pastoral care.PNG

Pastoral Care

Our comprehensive pastoral care ensures that the students are taken care of from the moment they are welcomed into the hosting country.  We ensure the students are registered with local authorities, introduced to the educational institutions as well as the local culture through various programs.  Most importantly we are there for the students 24/7 throughout their time abroad to ensure they focus and succeed on what matters the most, their education.

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